Sell Diamonds

Sell Diamonds in San DiegoDiamonds Forever Estate Buyers is not just a place to sell and scrap jewelry. We started out as a full service engagement ring jeweler and we still specialize in making couples dreams come true. This means we are in constant need of new diamonds of all shapes and sizes. We have no problem paying more than our competitors when buying diamonds because we can sell them in our own engagement ring store.

Selling a diamond is not only a great way to cash in on some serious money, it is also a great way to recycle. Diamonds are a limited natural resource and a lot of mining and prospecting is done in order to obtain these prized gems. When you sell a diamond you replenish the supply and lessen the demand on mining and foreign imports. You can help our economy and a young couple who are looking for a special estate diamond to symbolize their love.

What about the dreaded ex-boyfriend diamond? We will take these off of your hands and pay you handsomely in the process. Why hold on to the cast from the past when you can make up for the break up and get paid. Go out for a night on the town with your new special someone and use the ex’s jewelry to pay for it!

Don’t be shy, no diamond is too big or too small. Maybe your half carat diamond will help us make a beautiful pair of stud earrings. That chipped diamond in that pendant you never where could be re-cut into a beautiful oval shaped center stone. The possibilities are endless and a real jewelry enthusiast can find value in any diamond.

Give us a call or just stop in and say hi, we love to talk about diamonds!

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