Gold For Good Benefit For Local Children

by Ben on April 18, 2012

When: Thursday, April 26, 2012 4 – 7 PM
Where: Diamonds Forever in Point Loma

Enjoy eats, drinks, and prizes while selling us your unwanted jewelry and perusing our collection of estate jewelry to benefit the young victims of human trafficking and slavery.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Sell us your gold, platinum, or diamond jewelry for top dollar
  • Purchase your favorite new piece of fashion jewelry
  • Donate directly to the charity

Feel free to drop by Diamonds Forever anytime the day of the event to participate.

10% of all proceeds will go directly to the BSCC to build a local shelter for these children. BSCC has worked tirelessly in San Diego to preserve the dignity and well being of exploited children. Please help us help them.

Diamonds Forever
3689 Midway Dr. Suite A, Point Loma, San Diego, CA 92110(619) 223-2151

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Sell Rare Coins

Rare Coins are worth more than their weight in Gold

by, Ben Stephenson

When it comes to investing, not all gold is created equal. At the end of the day all forms of gold will increase in value and protect investors from the looming threat of inflation, but coins are simply the best. Many people have asked me why the demand for coins is higher than that of pure gold, when coins usually very from 91-97 percent in purity.

Gold is good right?

Well there are a few reasons why coins are worth more.

The first and most important factor is of course purity. As I mentioned before most legit coins are highly in purity, while coins from the ancient world are commonly made up of half gold and half silver. Older coins are lower in purity, but worth more because of their rarity.

Rarity can elevate the value of a coin, sometimes hundreds or even thousands of dollars above their weight in precious metals. The most common scale for rarity is the Sheldon Rarity Scale. The scale varies from R1 which means readily available, to R8 which means you can’t buy this coin. The sale is based on how often a particular coin is up to sale. A rating of R7 means that coin is only seen on the market once every few years. Like I said a coin gets a ranking of R8 when it’s virtually impossible for buyers to find.

Sell Gold in San DiegoSo what is the rarest, most valuable coin in the world? It’s a hard question to answer since a lot of the worth is based on opinion and not gold metal value. The title for most expensive coin goes to 1933 Double Eagle. The coin is rare because it was produced after president Roosevelt took the country off the gold standard. Only twelve of this coins survived and in July of 2002 one of these coins sold at auction for 7,590,020. To get the whole story on the Double Eagle visit

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Places To Sell Your Old Jewelry

by Ben on February 15, 2011

We thought this article had some great advice, so we decided to share. Remember if you’re wanting to sell jewelry in San Diego, CA just give us a call at 619.223.2151. We will beat anyone’s prices and we handle your transactions fast.


Shane Hester

Most people think that it is hard to sell old jewelry because it is too much of a hassle. However, selling jewelry nowadays is very simple and you can even do it at comforts of your own home. You would be surprised on how technology has helped in taking the ‘buying and selling’ trades into a whole new level.

Before you sell your jewelry, there are things that you have to consider before making any deals with anyone. The first thing that you need to do is to find out, just how much your piece of jewelry cost. The prices of gold and silver has been fluctuating over the years and getting the exact selling price for these items can leave your head with an ache.

There are a few ways to bypass these obstacles. One of them is to hire a genuine appraiser to appraise your jewelry for you. Knowing the value of your jewelry is the first step in making profits in this industry. Of course, you cannot get a good appraiser for free. Good services require good payment and if you’re serious to sell old jewelry then you should consider this as your top priority.

If you don’t have the time to hire an appraiser, then it is also a good idea to visit different jewelry shops and get their appraisal. Visiting different jewelry shops will help you compare prices and you can use that as an advantage. Never go to ‘pawnshops’ to have your jewelry appraised because you won’t get a good appraisal from them. Pawnshops have the tendency to give prices that are misleading and if you’re in desperate need of money, then this is the first place that you will go.

Although, there are pawnshops that gave high appraisals for jewelries, you’re better off in selling your jewelry to a jeweler shop. If you find these things too troublesome to do then the last option will be selling your jewelry online. There are a lot of online stores that can be found on the internet and choosing which sites are good is a very daunting task.

Sometimes, you have to rely on sheer luck to find a credible online store that allows you to sell old jewelry and profit from it. You can also ask your friends or acquaintances for some recommendations on where to sell your jewelry online. Getting help from other people may also be a good thing, especially when you’re still a newbie in making online trades.

When you think about it, there are a lot of places on where you can sell your jewelry. All you need to do is keep an open mind and think about the options that you can use. If you\’re lucky, then it is also possible to gain some profit when selling your jewelry online.

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About the Author
When you are in need of fast money, you should get cash for gold. You can sell your old gold and silver, and can even sell scrap jewelry for top dollar for its weight.

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White Gold Winning Popularity Contest

White Gold Winning Popularity Contest

by, Ben Stephenson

It doesn’t take an expert to notice the latest trend in jewelry, especially engagement rings. The casual observer will easily come to the conclusion that white gold is in and yellow gold might not be out, but it’s definitely a distant runner up. Fashion will change with the wind. The easiest way to stay on top of new trends in jewelry is to pay attention to young people, especially young celebrities. White gold and platinum are more subtle and easier on the eye where as yellow gold is a definite eye catcher. Subtlety is key here. Medal watch bands are being replaced by leather and stainless steel are replacing precious metals on watch bezels.

An interesting fact about white gold is that it’s a simple alloy, not some magical or rare form of gold. What’s an alloy? An alloy is simple combination of two or more solid metals. Steel, for example, is an alloy of iron and a tiny amount of carbon. All natural gold is yellow. When creating white gold, professionals will use heat and then add a white metal to pure gold. Nickel is commonly used in this process, but beware. One in eight people are allergic to nickel and will develop a rash after prolonged use. If you fall in this category you can still wear white gold, but you have to make sure that another “bleaching” metal is used, like palladium.

White- Metal Moguls: At the 2011 SAG awards, the winner for Best Actress wore a two million dollar set of white gold and diamond earrings. In fact, according The Fashion Spot, the six best dressed women of the evening were wearing white gold earrings. The same goes for the male attendees. Will Smith was sporting a thick white gold bracelet and Johnny Depp was keeping track of time with an 18k white gold Rolex.

Sell gold in san diego

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Attention San Diego Gold Sellers: Learn the secret to getting more cash when you sell gold in San Diego.

Diamonds Forever will give you the best price for your gold, jewelry, diamonds and luxury watches.

We have a simple, straightforward process that puts our clients at ease and puts money into your pockets.

Stop by Diamonds Forever, Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm and Saturdays 11am to 5pm for your free appraisal.

We are conveniently located in the Point Loma Plaza with Vons + 24HR Fitness, right next door to Sport Chalet… or… Call us at 619.223.1100.

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Reservoir Blog:03 – Olympic Gold

by Ben on January 20, 2011

Sell my Gold in San Diego

Olympic Gold

by, Ben Stephenson

Young athletes all over the world have sought the recognition and honor that comes with winning the gold medal in the Olympic Games. Today the gold medals given to the young competitors are really gilded silver and not solid gold. The medals are used as symbol more than a prize, the achievement and experience is the true reward.

Diamonds Forever Estate BuyersThe first international Olympic Games took place in Athens, Greece where the games were born. The marathon was won by the Greece’s own Spiridon Louis, an unknown water carrier who became a national hero after the race. The wrestling competition was also unique because there were no weight classes and no time limit. Most wrestlers also competed in other events of the games. The winner, Carl Schuhmann also won the gymnastics competition. The final match lasted over an hour and took two days to complete due to darkness; in 1896 there was no stadium lighting.

The first place winners in Athens received silver medals instead of gold, second got copper and third got to go home empty handed. The following Olympics in 1900 took place in Paris and the winners received standard cups and trophies. Not until 1912 did the winners receive the gold, silver and bronze that we recognize today. These medals also set the standard for thickness (3mm) and diameter (60mm). The countries that host the games are responsible for minting the medals and have kept to the original design on one side and the symbol of the host country on the other.

Gold Medals for USAThe athlete with the most gold medals in a career is the American swimmer Michael Phelps with 14. Phelps leads the crowd by five gold medals and is expected to return for at least one more summer game competition. The United States holds the record for most summer gold and Norway for winter. Since 1912 the games have given out over 16,000 medals.

Even though they are not solid gold the medals still stand for the crowning achievement for the worlds young athletes. The ancient Greeks gave their champions an olive wreath as a symbol of their prominence, honor being more important than valuable prizes.

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Selling gold coins in San Diego

Gold Coins in Ancient Greece

by, Ben Stephenson

Most historians agree that the first gold coins were made in Egypt around 2700 B.C. These coins were used mostly as tokens or gifts.

Greek Temple Greek CoinsThe first evidence of gold coins being minted and used as currency comes from Lydia around 600 B.C. Around forty years earlier King Pheidon of Argos, Greece was minting the first silver coins.

These coins were called drachma and through trade and conquest the drachma would spread throughout the ancient world.

Diamonds Forever Estate BuyersTo this day the Arabic unit of currency known as dirham and the Armenian dram both derive their names from the Greek drachma.

Just like Greek art, architecture and warfare gold coins from Greece can be broken up into three different groups known as the Archaic, Classic, and Hellenistic.

During the Archaic period coins were made from alloy called electrum, a mix of gold and silver. It is believed these first coins were used to pay Greek mercenaries at the end of their service. During the Archaic period the technology to purify gold was born.

During the Classic period Greek coins saw an extreme rise in purity and quality. Most coins displayed the city-states patron god or goddess with amazing detail.

In a time without mass media to communicate gold coins were a great way to spread propaganda to gain public favor. Athenians produced such a coin to celebrate the Greek victory over the Persian Empire during the Persian wars.

Selling Silver Coins in San DiegoThe Hellenistic era saw the birth of Greek kingdoms throughout the ancient world. The empire was so large that the coin had to be mass produced and therefore lost the beauty and craftsmanship of the classical era.

Today the most valuable collection of Grecian coins can be found at the National Numismatic Museum in Athens and caches of coins are still being found in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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selling gold in san diego

What happens to my gold after I sell it?

by, Ben Stephenson

Trading gold jewelry for cash is an old practice that has been going on ever since major nations around the world began printing their own currency on paper and impure coins.

Sometimes, the gold we trade in is an heirloom or a piece of jewelry that had some significance to us, and naturally people are curious how their valuables will end up. Your gold will end up travelling down one of three paths depending on what you are selling.

The first and most valuable type of gold is, of course, 100% pure gold or 24K. Most gold coins from around the world fall into this category, even if they are not one hundred percent gold.

Selling Gold and Jewelry in San DiegoPure gold bars or coins are actively traded commodities, meaning they are bought and sold as is because there is no point in melting it down since it’s already pure. With the value of gold and the currency protection it offers, investors will most likely hold on to their pure bars and coins and sell later when circumstances are more advantageous.

The second path your jewelry may follow is being resold as a finished piece, which includes 10K- 21K gold. If your jewelry is a highly sought after style or a nice vintage piece, it will be refinished to look like new and set in a retailer’s showcase.

The second path is best way to get high payouts on jewelry. You will get paid not just for the gold weight, but the retail value as well.

If you are very fond of a certain item that doesn’t always mean you’re going to get more than the gold weight for it. Remember that gold is an instantly sellable commodity. Gold buyers must turn down instant cash to try and sell your jewelry.

To pay more for a finished piece is a gamble for buyers. They don’t know how long it will take to sell your items or if they will even sell it at all.

Don’t be discouraged if your items are not re-sold the value of the gold weight has never been higher and you’ll still get a good price.

Third and most popular path is melting at the refinery. It sound like a waste, but the process of refining gold is one of the mankind’s oldest traditions. The melting point of gold is 1, 940 degrees. Ancient civilizations around the world were melting and refining gold without any help from modern technology.

The most popular example of this is the Sarcophagus of King Tut from ancient Egypt, which covered the mummified king from head-to-toe.

There is no wring way to go. Capitalizing on the gold fever is a win if you can find an honest and successful business and get top dollar for your treasures.

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